Charlie the Collie

Thank you Don Chan! Your calm and charismatic demeanor helped me to be patient throughout the process. This training is a process. They don’t give the dog a magic potion. However, with an outstanding owner like Don leading the pack, everyone is at ease. He taught my puppy Charlie to be a better and more respectful dog. More importantly, Don helped me be a better dog owner. This training is equally important for the owner as it is for the dog. The training establishes a mutually- respecting relationship between the dog and the owner. I highly recommend this training program for any dog. Make your life easier and make your dog happier.

Charlie the Collie


Laura and her Chocolate Labrador Luna

I registered my chocolate lab, Luna, when she was 10.5 months old for basic obedience classes with Don. While I initially believed that training lessons were unecessary as a first time dog owner, I realized that Luna was becoming unmanageable during walks and she was misbehaving quite often both at home and when I took her out.

Thanks to Don’s basic obedience classes and socialization classes, I learned how to properly train Luna. Most importantly, I learned how to walk Luna using a prong collar which helped her to socialize better with other humans and dogs during our walks, while also decreasing her amount of pulling on the leash.

Don’s training lessons have really improved Luna’s behavior overall. From a young puppy who would used to lunge, bark, and growl during walks, I can now enjoy long walks with her without having to worry about her being disruptive with both other dogs and humans, and she has learned to heel properly during walks as she is able to walk along side me the majority of the time. Her socialization skills and behavior have improved immensely and I would highly recommend Don as a dog trainer. Thank you Don for all of your work!

Laura and Luna

Laura and C Lab Luna


Karen and her Border Collie Kage

We have a Border Collie mix, which Don started teaching when he was 4 months old. At the beginning, he did not want to listen to our commands or follow us. However, after much work and persistence, Don showed us how to be a good pack leader, and more importantly how to maintain a good, healthy relationship with our dog. Now, Kage just completed the intermediate course, our dog is very disciplined. He knows to stay by our side unless we tell him not to, he knows to sit next to us when we stop, he knows how to play fetch, and now he can also go off leash.


Karen and Border Collie Kage


Sandy and her Bernese Mountain Dog Muiju

My name is Muiju, and I am seven months old right now. I began my first obedient class at TK Canine Training Centre when I was only two months old. Why did my mommy brought me here? It was because of my bad habits. I was peeing around the house and chewing everythings. AIso, even thought I was only few months old, my strength is beyond what my mommy can control. I had accidently hurts my mommy because of that. I did not understand what is proper behaviors. I just do whatever I felt so. Thanks to Don Chan, I learnt how to behave properly and social with other dogs. Now, whenever I go out, people praise my behavior and love to pet me. Thank you to TK Canine Training Centre.

Sandy and her Bernese Mountain Dog Muiju

Carol MacGregor & her Sheltie “Toby”
Dear Don
Since you began training Toby as a puppy he has truly become a fine young gentleman and everyone comments on his good behavior and discipline. You definitely are the Canadian “Dog Whisperer”. I know we will be learning from your guidance and expert advice for many years to come and we thank you very much.Carol and Toby

Carol MacGregor & her Sheltie "Toby"

Robert Pospisil & his German Shorthaired Pointer “Fina”
We have been training Fina with Don since she was 12 weeks old. Fina’s behavior and demeanor have improved by leaps and bounds ever since. We love that Don taught us to be the leader and trained without using treats. His training techniques are reliable and target the root of the problems. We would recommend Don to anyone who really wants to have a well balanced dog for their family.
Your truly,
Robert and Carol

Robert Pospisil & his German Shorthaired Pointer "Fina"

Tai Chi

Rachel and Micheal and their Schnauzer “TaiChi”

Our Taichi started his training at TK since he is 6 months old. From  mastering the down command to heeling during walks, from the Inappropriate interaction with people to have a good solialization skills… Don progresses the training at Taichi’s pace and takes time to impart the lessons so that Taichi really does learn. We will continue to come to Don’s class and would like to recommend this school to you too!

Rachel and Michael and their Schnauzer "TaiChi"


Janny and Laurance and thier Y/Lab “Mallo”


我哋決定帶Mallo上堂,首先係初級班,通過Don教導一啲簡單的方法,好輕易咁教Mallo乖乖行街散步,唔會亂衝,Mallo開始有自信,親人,友善。以前撲人,咬繩都幾乎冇再出現。跟住上中級班,Mallo學識更多,可以off leash都會跟住我哋,懂得聽基本指令,通過簡單指令訓練行為,改善咗Mallo服從性提同其他方面,越來越乖,越來越得屋企人朋友中意。不知不覺Mallo一啲壞習慣都冇咗。每個星期的社交班都係Mallo最期待,見見朋友仔,學習好general咁同其他狗和人相處。


Janny and Laurance and thier Y/Lab "Mallo"

April & her Old English Sheep “YingYing”
Hi Don,
Ying Ying started her first obedience class just a few days after she arrived to our home. She was 3 months old back then, and we were excited to see that she quickly learned various commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘down’. We were very pleased with her improvement after she completed the intermediate level obedience classes, where she learned to follow commands even when she is off leash. These classes were really helpful so that Ying Ying learns to follow our instructions, and she can play with other dogs in a fun and safe way. Ying Ying will soon begin her first agility class and we can’t wait to see her tricks and moves!

Alex Leung

April & her Old English Sheep "YingYing"