Ethel and her Doberman Pinscher “Jayden”

When I had my first dog, which was a Doberman Pinscher, I brought it to TK Canine Training Centre. It had a lot of behaviour and aggression issues. Don was able to develop a training plan tailored to my dog’s behaviour. He taught me how to develop my leadership skills. In turn, I developed a better relationship with my dog. For the next 14 years, my dog was not only my best companion but it was my family member. After my first dog passed away, my family and I brought our second Doberman Pinscher, Jayden. Immediately, I knew this dog was going to be very different from my first dog. When Jayden was 8 weeks old, I brought Jayden to Don to start it’s training. Unlike other trainers who uses the same training plan for every dog breed, Don develops a training plan tailored to Jayden’s behaviour and dog breed. The method Don taught me to train Jayden was very different compared to how I trained my first dog. During Don’s training courses, I was able to build an everlasting relationship with Jayden and strengthen my leadership skills. Now, Jayden is friendly, happy, but more importantly, a well balance dog. Don made me understand that although Doberman is bred to be a protective guard dog, the breed of the dog does not dominate it’s behaviour. Don’s training classes are fun and interactive. He is truly the best trainer I have ever come across.