I have always wanted to thank Teacher Don for his careful teaching.
I remember that my daughter proposed to adopt a puppy years ago, but no one in the family had any experience in raising dogs.
I just thought, it shouldn’t be too difficult!
When it was time to actually take the dog home, I realized that the reality was harder than imagined.

Just when my daughter wanted to give up, I repeatedly reminded her of her due attitude and responsibility.
We think we should find a professional tutor and study hard.

It is indeed not easy to find an experienced and professional tutor. After a period of searching, luckily I met Mr. Don.
After participating in his course and his careful guidance, our dog’s behavior has not only improved greatly; most importantly, it has cultivated our family’s sense of responsibility as owners.
Now we are all looking forward to the socialization class this weekend, which not only allows the dogs to learn to get along with other people and dogs, but also gives us the opportunity to exchange breeding experiences with other owners.
Thank you Teacher Don!