Amanda & Kevin & their Shiba Inu “Simba”

A lot of people thinking training lessons isn’t necessary for a dog, as a dog owner for more than 20 years, I found out a training lessons is very important to a dog. Kevin and I bought Simba since he was 4 months old from an experience breeder, the breeder mentioned to us this breed of dog need a good obedience class as they are quite bully and aggressive and need proper training to correct him. We found TK Canine Training Center and we have put Simba to all level of obedience classes, Don not only corrected his bad behavior, he also corrected our way of training Simba as well. It’s absolutely an invaluable class and you will never regret sending your dog there. Beside obedience class, socialization class is also an important training to Simba, as he is now so friendly to other dogs and dog owners. We have also sent Simba to Agility class which brings him the Best Agility Champion of 2013. Thanks Don for all the training he provided us, we are so proud to have Simba as one of our family member.

Amanda & Kevin