Bobby and Mildred

I brought my Doberman Bobby for training at TK since he was three months old. Bobby is a typical Doberman,VERY energetic, ALWAYS eager to play and RARELY willing to listen. We attended all the obedience classes, agility classes and we also attended the social classes every Sunday. It was A big challenge for us especially when we are a first time dog owner. Fortunately, we have Don! With his teachings and all of kind of informative advises, we gradually “transformed” Bobby into one of those “ROLE Model” type dog. With the Obedience classes, Bobby learns all different commands and with the Agility Classes, Bobby gets the chances to drill out the excessive energy and to practice on follow our commands more accurately! The social classes also helped him to properly “interact” with different dogs and people and helped him to learn to calmly react to any kind of media/environment.Bobby now is 13 years old. He is a calm submissive Doberman and always get very good comments from people when I take him out. People are always so surprised to see how gentle he is esp when he is such a powerful breed and I always tell them that Bobby is a proud student of TK canine.Thank you Don for transforming Bobby into SUCH a sweet heart to my family and everyone I know! I would highly recommend TK Canine Training Centre for anyone who owns a dog and wants the best for the Lovely pouch! 

Augest, 2014