Cissy & her Pug “CoCo”

I have been feeding Coco since she was 2 months old. As a first time dog owner, I have no idea how to raise a good puppy. Coco used to be very naughty and extremely a trouble maker. Since I took Coco to train with Don, he has been giving me great help about taking care of Coco. She learnt to pee, eat and exercise properly. She also learnt to be obedient and to be polite to both human and other dogs. Nowadays, everyone says Coco is friendly and gentle.
As a dog owner, I believe raising a dog is not easy because it does take lots of time and effort. When dogs come to our life as family members, we are responsible to take good care of them and teach them to get along with entire neighbourhood. Thus, training is essential. I highly recommend TK canine training center to those fresh dog owners. Don is a great trainer; his training brings me and Coco a better life. I really appreciate Don’s hard work.