Erika & her Shiba “LokLok”

We bought LokLok when he is 7 weeks; he was a very cute, lovely, and sweet baby in that moment. However, we found out that he became aggressive and dominant while he was growing up. We used to take him to the training course in other pet centre, but it was not useful. Not even that, his bad behaviours became worse and worse. He was chewing the furniture all the time, dragging and biting the leash while walking in the outside, escaping many times, roughing to other dogs, and even biting us very severely. I was so scared to walk with LokLok because he would bite the leash and me in order to try to escape. Fortunately, LokLok improves a lot since he was trained by Don for 2 months. Now, LokLok doesn’t chew the furniture, drag and bite the leash anymore, he is also friendlier to other dogs and us. So, walking and playing with LokLok is not stressful anymore, it becomes an enjoyable thing for me. Don is not only train LokLok well, he also corrects our miss behaviours, and teaches us how to handle some special situations and train LokLok properly. I would like to thx Don, without you LokLok will not have this huge improvement.