Janet and her miniature Australian Shepherd “Olive”

Olive is a miniature Australian Shepherd. Started to bite me at 4 months, won’t bite other family members, I checked a lot of information on the Internet how to teach her, but it didn’t help. A friend introduced TK dog training center. Olive has been carefully taught by Don, and my family and I must keep in mind Don’s teaching and cooperate with his professional advice to help Olive get the best results. The scariest thing about Olive was not letting us talk to our friends on the street, she would just keep barking and even jump up and bite our friends, she would bark at any dog she met and we were frustrated and embarrassed. We can’t let him go on, Olive improved a lot in a short period.
Don’s care and patience will only make Olive focus on him and not be afraid of him. And I have a more stable relationship with Olive. Now we can talk to friend on the street and Olive could ignore other dogs on the street. I am really grateful to Don for his careful teaching so that we and Olive can live a happy life every day.
I would like to highly recommend to join the social class at TK Canine Training Centre which can really help Olive get along with other dogs. In the social class, she can also be trained to listen to the owner’s instructions under off leash.
I appreciate Don to teach me and Olive during these period to help Olive grow up healthily. Professional knowledge and opinions can not be seen through the Internet alone, but need some professional tutors to help us, so that we can Help your dog grow up healthy. Be sure to discuss the research with your own trainer to get the best results. If we love our dogs, we must take them to TK Canine Training Centre. The owner and the dog are properly educated, that is the greatest love the owner gives them