Minna & her G/R “Max”

Max is a one year old golden retriever who has been a part of our family since he was a baby. He is still our big puppy who we love to bits – everything about him is lovable and he is a great dog. The beginnings of his life with us was hard, though. He showed aggression at an early age, probably because of our other dog, who did not like him. Nothing seemed to work on improving his habits of biting, growling, and general disobedience. However, at our last hope of bringing the “good dog” out of Max, we started training him with Don. It worked almost immediately and within a couple weeks his aggressive behavior transformed into loving licks and obedience. Now, after half a year of training, he seems like a different dog – he is even starting to learn to do obstacle courses! We love Max more than ever, and honestly, don’t know what we would’ve done without Don’s help. Thank you!!