Mrs. Leung & her OESD “Lok Lok”

3rd Place of Best Obedient(Large Breed) in Dog Show Extravaganza 2007
We adopted Lok Lok when he was 4 years old. Back then, we had little control over his behavior! Taking him out for a walk was stressful, because he was constantly dragging the leash and was not friendly to other dogs. He would even do dangerous things such as running out onto the streets just to chase a plastic bag! We tried another dog training place, but had no luck until we met Don at ‘TK Canine Training Centre’. Ever since then, we noticed gradual improvement in his behavior. Now, Lok Lok is kind and patient, and can join dog parties off leash! Lok Lok’s personality changed so much that many of my friends find it hard to believe that he’s the same dog we adopted. We wouldn’t have such a great time with our dog without Don’s help. Don is skilled and konwledgeable about dogs and their behavior. We’ve learned a pleasant and positive way to train Lok Lok. At the same time, Lok Lok also really enjoys the weekly social lessons. Don is fantastic and I highly recommend him!